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Chicago Illinois Mansions For Sale

if you're looking for a mansion for sale in Chicago Illinois, you can expect to find a unique one of a kind master piece.  Mansions over 20,000 square feet and common. You'll find mansions in Lincoln Park with huge lots 5 times the size of surrounding properties.  Limestone, water fountains, koi ponds, and meticulously landscaped private gardens are a few sighta you'll find here.  Reflection pools and  classic European tones and adorn huge marble entryways with grand rotundas and a gold plated stair case. Several mansions for sale include a game room, media room, hobby room, dining room, family room, office room, and large guest bedrooms.  You'll also find  libraries, a music rooms, huge kitchens with commercial grade appliances. Outdoor firepits and wood burning pizza ovens make these mansions perfect for large parties and entertaining.

Pacific Palisades Mansions For Sale

The coast of Los Angeles is home to some of the worlds most beautiful mansions.  Mansions for sale here range from a few million to over 100 million dollars.  Mansions with tall ceilings and opens beams, luxury tile floors, and huge windows with mountain and ocean views. Gardens here span for acres with plenty of room for tennis courts, Olympic sized pools, and more.  Mansions here come with the latest smart home features and security systems.  Modern robust appliances, marble countertops, and solid oak cabinets are easy to find here.  Spacious rooms, huge jacuzzi bath tubs, bars, walk in closets make mansions for sale in Los Angeles attractive to wealthy business owners and celebratites.  Some mansions even come with a small golf course or large or putting green for the avid golfer in you . Huge theaters with state of the art sound systems make some of these mansions entertaining easy for large crowds. Most are within walking distance of quiet and peaceful beaches.  Pacific Palisades

Beverly Hills Mansions For Sale

 Do you have $25 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket?  That's what it takes to live in a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills California. Mansions in the area can be found with updated looks and features. Up high on the hills, you have magnificent views of the city below and ocean not far off in the distance. At sundown, you can enjoy some of the best sunsets anywhere in the world. Most mansions are 2 or 3 stories and have luxuries like indoor koi ponds, automatic openinh and closing sliding doors, skylights, bars, and more. Huge bedrooms with walk in closets are common here in mansions for sale in Beverly Hills, California. Outside gardens and lawns perfectly manicured , BBQs,  putting greens, and more.  The latest security camera systems and private cul-de-sac homes make mansions for here more secure than anywhere in the world.  

Austria Mansions For Sale

If you're looking to buy a mansion in Austria you can expect to find something with the following features.  Currently there is at least one mansion that is being upgraded to the latest codes and safety protocols. There is currently a mansion for sale in SCHLOSSPARK FREIHOF with one of the most amazing gardens and views.  It's a spacious 4 story mansion that is just waiting for your vision and ideas. You won't have to worry about your safety as this mansion includes one of the best security systems that money can buy. You never have to worry about power outages or city water supply.  This place has it's own backup power supply and a well with several fireplaces.  This mansion is great for entertaining and business meetings with plenty of room for dozens of guests to mingle.  Of course. what mansion wouldn't be complete without a 4 story elevator.  The home is being remodeled with the most efficient heating and cooling system A luxurious spa, pool and sauna make this

Malibu California Mansions For Sale

There is no better place for a mansion than on the beautiful coast of Malibu.  It's a surfers paradise and luxury homes and businesses are everywhere.  When searching for a property here I suggest looking for something with a new up to date design. Don't even think of buying a mansion for sale unless you very wealthy   One mansion is currently selling for 70 million dollars.   Some mansions in the area offer amazing architecture with huge windows.   You won't find a mansions more sought after and desirable in nearby Los Angeles or almost any other city in California.  One mansion for sale had a Feng Shui theme.  Open campfires in backyards are not discouraged.  Away from the big cities nearby, this sanctuary feels more like a resort than a home.  Living here feels like a vacation everyday.   If you're looking for a mansion for sale, you are in the right place.  Disclaimer: makes money when you visit the affiliate links on this website. 

Naples Florida Luxury Mansions For Sale

Naples, Florida is home to some amazing luxury homes and mansions. Properties for sale here are often designed for entertaining with luxuries like a theater,  cellar, and large rooms. Smart home that use high end technology like Control4 automation are common.  Pool and spas with beautiful views of the Pine Golf Course are within reach. One mansion for sale has an open-concept floor plan. Large tall windows shed light on the beautiful oak wood flooring. Huge kitchen and more bathrooms, guest rooms and offices than a large family would ever need. Only the latest and greatest appliances in most of the homes for sale here. Walk to the golf course or country club just minutes away. Three are actually 3 golf courses, two club houses, and several restaurants.  Luxury mansions for sale in Naples Florida are some of the most sought after due to the year round warm weather.  If you're looking to buy property here, please feel free to leave a comment detailing the features, price, and more.